In the past, iPhone users have made the most extreme attempts and experiments with Apple’s flagship smartphone. A new video will show how the iPhone 6 survived a dip in sodium acetate.

First, a little background: Sodium acetate is also known as “hot ice”. This can be attributed to the crystallization of sodium acetate, the “exothermic” is strong – that releases heat energy. In everyday life, sodium acetate is used in a modified form, especially in warmer.

On behalf of the science of YouTuber TechRax has investigated the effects of sodium on the iPhone 6. He dipped the precious Apple device into a bath of sodium acetate. Although the iPhone 6 is not protected against water damage (it would otherwise be nice if Apple changes the future for smartphones) is not penetrated the liquid into the unit. So it has suffered any damage, which is very surprising. The heat seems to have the iPhone 6 did not do anything. Basically sodium is in each user’s daily life is no risk source – even if it is a chemist and uses his iPhone 6 in the lab …

It should be noted that this experiment is to please not be imitated at home. It is dangerous to experiment with chemicals. But enough talk:

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