YouTube has increasingly content 360. Moreover, it has already shown its intention to broadcast this type of live video and spatial audio. It would be like teleporting with only the use of virtual glasses, however, this technology has high prices, so the Google Cardboard, made of cardboard and low cost, become the ally of the general public to view content in virtual reality (VR). It is a great way to get a taste of the new technology and is especially useful to navigate the 360 ° video. Within the viewer, formed from a cardboard structure in which are incorporated two lenses, it must be installed a smartphone, which acts as a display and that it is necessary to carry out all the calculations of the software and related orientation in space.

Because is an emerging market, Google just announced that it has made an update on YouTube that allow iOS users easily find content in VR. Thus, the app will be a button for Cardboard, which will transform any video in virtual reality mode, with the intention to avoid long searches to find content VR.De anyway, it should be borne in mind that the display will be totally different recorded video of a purely 360-degree.

In the past few hours we have been added to the list of compatible apps even YouTube, starting from version 11.18 or later. The update is automatically applied if the app is already installed on the device, or can be forced via the App Store from where you can proceed to download and install the client.

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