Apple watch

Apple watch

This is not something that often happens too often, but it may be that when we launch to perform an update so that this point is launched to the general public, we may have problems of some kind and this is precisely what has happened to several users of the New watches Apple Watch Series 2. It seems that this failure is exclusive to these new models of the Apple watch and that do not affect the majority of users, but when there are reports is why the fault exists. In this case it is a problem that appears after the update and is shown by a red exclamation mark on the screen with the text at the bottom to visit

In principle the web explains what needs to be done in case the watch shows this failure, it is a matter of forcing the device to restart by a few simple steps: hold both the side button and the digital crown for at least 10 seconds until See the Apple logo and wait for the reboot. In the event that this problem of screen freezing is not solved, it will touch to go through an Apple Store or call the SAC to offer us a solution.

As warned at the beginning is not a widespread fault among all users of this model, but if it is true that are coming several complaints to MacRumors forums and other media. For now the problem is displayed at the time of updating the clock and is shown when the circular bar does not stop longer than normal, then the message appears and the clock stays in this state.

At the moment the rest of the models do not seem affected with this problem and the Series 0 and Series 1 have been updated without major mishaps that the time that the own update delays in the clocks. Hopefully those affected get a quick and effective solution from Apple that has not said so.

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