Apple watch

Apple watch

A few minutes ago, Apple released watchOS 3.2, missing when iOS 10.3, 10.0 OSOS and MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 were released last week. Apple published a week ago was the list of new features that will come with this new version, and the two most prominent are the theater mode and support for SiriKit, for me the most important new that will come alongside the next version of the Operating system for Apple watch.

One week after the final version of watchOS 3.1.3, the next beta phase will be opened. WatchOS 3.2 brings the so-called theater fashion to the Apple Watch. If it is activated, the sound of your Apple Watch is deactivated. Also, your Apple Watch will not turn on when you lift your arm. You only feel a small vibration when a new message arrives. If you click on the display or click on the digital crown, the display switches on and you can check which message you missed.

In addition, watchOS 3.2 brings SiriKit to the Apple Watch. With iOS 10, Apple had introduced SiriKit. This allows Apple developers of third-party apps to implement Siri into their own apps, allowing users to use voice commands, Write a WhatsApp or get a taxi.

Another interesting function that came with watchOS 3.2 is a theater mode, by its description, we understand that it will serve to not disturb the people of our surroundings when we are in a cinema. When we activate the theater mode, the notifications will be muted and the Apple Watch screen will not light when receiving them, but we will know that we received something because the vibration will continue to work. We can see the notifications as always: touching the screen or the Digital Crown. We do not recommend downloading beta software, because they have flaws that make it difficult for the everyday use of the product itself.

Developers can now install the first beta of watchOS 3.2. If you have the opportunity to install this new version, do not hesitate to leave your experiences in the comments.

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