macOS-iOS-11-tvOS-watchOS-4After a long wait and also a certain amount of nervousness mixed with fear by users, Apple has finally released the long-awaited corrective updates for all its operating systems that solve the now known problem related to the Indian character.

WatchOS and tvOS also receive the new software update, which makes the two devices immune to the well-known Indian character that can block the execution of certain applications and even block the entire operating system.

Unlike iOS, where a restore in DFU mode was able to solve even the most drastic situation, on Apple Watch the situation was in some ways even more serious if we think that the wearable Apple does not allow restoration in recovery methods; many users found themselves unable to even use their device anymore.

Indian language character from Telugu causing this issue

With this new update, however, the situation should return to normal, thus restoring the correct execution of the operating system making it immune to the much feared Indian character. We therefore suggest that you run immediately to update your device so as to make it immune to the much-discussed bug.

Recall that to update Apple Watch you must go to the section dedicated to updates through the Watch app on iPhone, while to update Apple TV you will be able to do it independently directly from the device.

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