Apple Watch users can also update this year to the latest version, not surprisingly called watchOS 6. Thanks to the beta, we have already got a good impression of a number of new features in this preview of watchOS 6. What are the highlights and what does this mean for the future of the Apple Watch?

Although the Apple Watch is certainly not a need-to-have product, the watch has more than proved itself. An important part of the success is watchOS, the operating system of the Apple Watch. The sixth part will be released in September, with a number of features standing out.

We have installed the first and second beta of watchOS 6 on an old Apple Watch. If you also plan to test the beta, we recommend that you also do this on an additional Apple Watch, for example, a model that you no longer use as often.

The new App Store on the Apple Watch not only changes the way you download apps but especially the capabilities of apps. Apps can now be completely independent of the iPhone and therefore stand on their own.

Unfortunately, we have not yet seen any concrete examples of this, as developers are now working on this new generation of Apple Watch apps. You now discover the new Watch app primarily as an extension of an iPhone version, while the new App Store ensures that you actively search for Apple Watch apps.


The App Store works exactly as you expect and is also relatively fast, also on older models. Downloading is very simple because with a few taps there is a new app on your Apple Watch. What is especially useful is the possibility to enter your Apple ID password via your iPhone. So you don’t have to dictate, because you just type it from your iPhone.

Throughout the App Store, the Apple Watch feels more and more as a stand-alone product, rather than an extension of your iPhone.

All in all, we look forward to the improvements for the Apple Watch just like every year. Our first experiences are good and we are happy that Apple has made clear steps with watchOS 6 and sees the Apple Watch more and more as an independent product. The highlights so far are the new standard apps and the arrival of the App Store, although the latter still has to show how developers jump in on this.

Nevertheless, we cannot wait until the definition version of watchOS 6 becomes available sometime in the Fall.

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