Apple-Watch-Activation-LockThe company that developed a native anti-theft system to prevent thieves to use a stolen iPhones had not added the system on Apple SmartWatch. As if that were not enough, Apple Watch right now can be restored and remove all traces of the former owner, which only serves to protect our data, but not to block the clock. The wisdom in this regard come from the hand of watchOS 2.0, where added Activation Lock to prevent an illegitimate user to use a non-Apple Watch your property.

There has been no mention at WWDC arrival of the Apple Activation Lock Watch. Perhaps it makes sense, since the novelty present something that should be at the outset could be a bad idea. Apple tells this function for Apple Watch in the page dedicated to watchOS 2 system will arrive in autumn (September or possibly October).


No longer “funny” that mention is made to our information will be kept safe, since the current system PIN also kept secure our information. What does is prevent a thief using our device, but the thief can not access your data if you do not know our PIN.

watchOS 2 (write exactly that, along with the first lowercase) will be a fairly significant update. Actually it adds functions that should have been available since version 1.0, but it seems that Apple has wanted to go on eggshells with everything related to its wearable. Still, Apple Watch performance was bad enough not having native applications, something that will be solved from the second version will arrive within three or four months.

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