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nike-designJonathan Ive could redesign the Nike logo

Last week, website Jony Ive website Redesigns Things was launched, is designed to convert negative emotions in creativity. This is a blog about the world around us and how it could make a leading designer of Apple.

The impetus for the creation of the project served as a presentation of iOS 7, which was subjected to strong audit what was considered a core value of “apple” gadgets – ergonomic and stylish design of the interface.

bmw-designJonathan Ive could redesign the BMW logo


Senior vice president of Apple, Jonathan Ive, who for nearly two decades, is responsible for the industrial design gadgets Apple, swung, it can be said the most sacred – the user interface. As a result, the new mobile platform for the iPhone and iPad has caused a lot of conflicting opinions.


Jonathan Ive could redesign the sSTOP sign

Jonathan Ive could redesign the bank “cola”
Vebovskogo inexhaustible source of creativity lies behind the question, “what would happen if Quince instructed to redesign not on iOS, and some other familiar things? ‘. The blog Jony Ive Redesigns Things are played by many famous brands, such as Nike, BMW, Adidas, and objects of the world: the sign STOP, Dollar, examples of print design.



ios design
Jonathan Ive could redesign the Adidaslogo

Separately paid attention to everything that is connected directly to Apple, after all is not so unbelievable that Jonathan Quince really entrust to redesign, for example, site, interface, iTunes or company logo.


Jonathan Ive could redesign the Apple website

iOS-7-designJonathan Ive may remodel the Apple emblem

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