What Are The Common Jailbreak Errors



No doubt, jailbreaking is turning out to be quite popular these days. The reason is quite obvious as it lets you to use your Apple device the way you want. Jailbreaking allows you to have complete access to your iPhone. Though the process of jailbreaking is somewhat easy, but it is usually accompanied with some annoying errors. Yes, it is quite common to come across some errors when jailbreaking your Apple device and some of the errors can even leave your Apple device unusable. However, there are some easy ways to fix them.

There are mainly two sorts of error you can expect when jailbreaking your Apple device. The first type is related to iTunes and is usually referred as iTunes Error. Under this category, there are a number of errors to be mentioned, such as Error 21, Error 2005, Error 3194, etc. You can fix these errors by using software like iReb R5 that can be downloaded for free.

On the other hand, the second type of error is usually related to the freezing of screen. Your device may freeze when connecting to iTunes, or at Apple logo or Black screen might appear all of a sudden. These types of errors are quite easy to fix by keeping the device under DFU mode. All you want to do is press collectively the Dwelling and Energy button for round 10 seconds, and liberate the Energy button whereas proceed urgent the House button for 10 seconds extra.

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