WWDC-2015-invitationThere is a new Apple event in the coming days and everybody is excited. I’m talking about the 2015 WWDC, the Apple developer conference to be held this coming Monday, June 8 in San Francisco.

Although we will not see many teams physically, Apple has enough software products that are better and better teams apple from IOS devices to Apple Macs and TVs (almost forgot my Apple Watch!).

Faced with such expectations What Apple might announce this year’s WWDC?

These are our five predictions for the Apple developers event that will be held next week in San Francisco, California.

iOS 9 and Mac OS X 10.11

These updates are almost assured, every year there is a new version of software for our devices, and this time not think it’s the exception.

We had some rumors iOS 9 with possible support older devices that do not become obsolete as how slow they get with the new operating system, so Apple can help you relive those suffering with poor phone iOS in August.

Another function is rumored Proactive, a new Spotlight on a user not only seeks contacts or applications, but can also search for content within apps, learning some user habits with the content of an email, events calendar, etc. It could even chores like deploy automatically post just when we wake up, I like how he does Google Now.

And obviously compatible features will be added with Force Touch, Apple already has the Watch, I have several MacBooks, it’s only a matter of time for this to come to iOS.

On the side of OS X, version 10.11 will not be a radical change, but introduce improvements in stability and security as a Control Center similar to iOS for controlling WiFi and Bluetooth and the new typography San Francisco that was presented with Apple Watch.

Apple Music

After buying Beats, Apple’s approach to music has been very strong, so much so that it will come with its own music service stream with guest DJs. A comparison of iCloud will not have to download music and you can just listen to the Internet, similar to Spotify, Google Play Music, among many others.

It may or may not replace the Music Beats service and could be included in the same application from iTunes. They say the price could go as low as to $ 7.99, but most likely with prices for Apple is to remain at $ 9.99 like most of the competitors. And of course, it remains to be seen which countries will be available this service.



Apple had presented its platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) or the Internet of Things since WWDC last year, the system in which many appliances, fittings, and all kinds of things could be controlled by your phone.

They have not yet made an official launch of the platform, but with the announcement of several devices that already support Homekit, it is likely that Apple already made the official announcement in a few days; Light, mixing functions within iOS Homekit September.


Apple Pay

Although the world was finally happy when Apple announced that its NFC teams would have to make payments, it is still not a system that has been adopted by many. Yes, it popularized the NFC payment system, and until Google took the opportunity to make your Android Pay safe to operate where apple pay works.

The problem here is that it remains available only for few countries, so expect to see a territorial expansion of this form of payment as well as new features such as reward systems.


Apple TV

Rumors of a TV made by Apple were killed a few weeks ago, but this little box of entertainment continues to dominate in the world of home entertainment.

In the last event Apple did not see a new team, but we saw a reduction in price to $ 79, indicating that a new model is coming. I doubt that the new Apple TV support 4K, but is strongly rumored to be a radical change for this little box and could have Siri support and could even run applications from the App Store.

You might even have the famous chip Apple A8 has been on multiple devices and could be the command center to integrate with all devices with Homekit at home.

The idea is not as outlandish Siri, Amazon introduced its idea from the Fire TV, after Google took the same function and Nexus Android TV Player, and already having Siri technology is not very difficult to add a small microphone to control Apple TV.

These are the strongest rumors so far, but what do you think Apple will announce this year?

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