What Cyanogen OS 13 Brings To The OnePlus One



Android users should install CyanogenMod on their smartphone. For the one who don’t know, CyanogenMod is a ROM that opens a world of possibilities for customization and greatly improves the overall performance of the phone.

CyanogenMod has a another version nameed Cyanogen OS,  a ROM designed by and specifically for some devices . Cyanogen OS collaboration with Microsoft seems to be paying off, so we’ll show you the new mods that include the latest version of Cyanogen OS 13.

oneplus-oneTrueCaller mod

TrueCaller is a database that includes more than two billion of numbers in order to identify calls and unwanted SPAM. In this way, you can block messages and calls will all those numbers that do not interest you. It is something that comes quite well at this time when companies try to wake us nap to offer their products.

Social Lock Screen mod

cyanogen-mod-social-lockscreen-e1456175675606Social Lock Screen is personally one of the best mods that will Cyanogen OS. In principle, we can see relevant content of our social networks on the lock screen. We see our content Instagram, Twitter and other social networks. A simple function, but very useful and visually pleasing.

Skype Mod

The mod Skype is directly integrated into the native dialer. So you can call your Skype contacts from the phone dialer itself, another simple but quite useful feature for users of this application. You can even pass a current call to a video call Skype easily thanks to this feature.


Who does not know Cortana, the Microsoft voice assistant . This is one of the best assistants found in an operating system, maybe even the best. Windows Phone and we have seen how it works, so if implemented well in CyanogenOS can be one of the surprises of the year.


OneNote mod

Taking notes is a very simple thing, but not all applications end up convincing. CyanogenOS 13 has a collaboration with OneNote, Microsoft known app. We have a tile shortcuts for our notes, so you can write any notes easily when you needed.

Hyperlapse mod

The photographic section is also very important for most users. At this point, Cyanogen skidding enough, especially having a somewhat duller than we could expect application. By contrast, Microsoft Lumia care in their photographic section in an incredible way.
Thanks to mod Hyperlapse, we can create these videos with fast-motion effect that both like social networks. Obviously you need a terminal with good camera to take advantage, but we are confident that the application will work quite well.

Cyanogen collaborates with Microsoft made it possible for users to use high-quality applications on their Android devices. If you have a device with Cyanogen OS,  you will enjoy all these exciting developments.

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