Apple tends to apply a fee of updating their merchandise. For the reason that launch of the primary iPhone within the years 2007, Apple has at all times taken the summer season marketing campaign launched its new edition. Time passes in no time, and we’re drawing near that point the place the solar shines extra powerfully. If this 12 months does now not come to a decision to alter your street map, we might be beautiful on the subject of a brand new iPhone four adaptation.


The current model is fairly complete, but still there are certain things that could be improved and that many would like to see in a future model. Personally I would like the future iPhone to have a better processor, maybe a dual-core processor included .Would not hurt an increased RAM capacity, and increased storage capacity . These are things that could happen easily and possibly including the new model.


But on the other hand, I want to see some improvements that are not as likely. For example not hurt that Apple would begin to invest in technology NFC (allows communication between nearby devices). It would also be more that would improve the capacity of the battery from the device , the iPhone 4 increased it a little out compared to the previous version (3G), but considering new features this time could be adversely affected. Also related to the battery, I would like to see an iPhone that you could change the battery, as with most mobile of the competition.

I really can not think of other improvements at the hardware level that could be implemented in a future version of iPhone . Apple may decide to re- use SIM cards rather than MicroSim , although this is unlikely. As for software upgrades on accounts which come to mind, although that would be better in a post about what I would like to see in future versions of IOS.


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