What if LG G3 does not meet consumer expections



LG will introduce its flagship , the LG G3 today, May 27. While we are waiting for LG to unveil its latest mobile creation , new rumors emerged which may disappoint many.

 LG G3 Specifications not to be as impressive as expected

Almost everything has been said about the LG G3 . Its design has been revealed repeatedly and specifications was even revealed by official documents . LG G3 has appeared for a few hours on the official LG websites in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and the datasheet was below expectations .

However, he good news and confirmations is that the metal shell , the 2k screen 5.5 inches , Snapdragon processor 801 2.5 GHz , photo sensor 13 Megapixels (OIS + , dual LED flash , laser autofocus) , wireless charging function or the Knock Code are legit. Even though, two points differ from previous rumors about the LG G3 .

lg_g3According datasheets disclosed on the official websites , the LG G3 would be entitled to only 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, a memory that may have an impact on how the smartphone would react. Of course, expect the presentation before drawing any conclusions.

It is not impossible to see several variations and different configurations depending on the region. In the meantime, share your thoughts in the comments. Do you feel disappointed with the LG G3 ? We know one thing for sure, specifications will not be as impressive as expected..

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