A lot of people wonder what is Jailbreak  all about! In simple words, it is about a process that allows the users of Apple products like iPhone and iPod Touch to gain complete access to their device and its entire features. So, it basically removes all sorts of limitations forced by Apple. Once you have Jailbroken your Apple device running on iOS, you can download and install whatever applications you may like. Even if the extension of the downloaded application is not supported by Apple, you can still install and use it on your iPhone or iPad. Though it is true that the activity of Jailbreaking is legal in the US, however Apple has made it very clear that Jailbreaking the device would violate its warranty.

Some reasons for Jailbreaking:

  1. More features and Customization: When you purchase an iPhone or iPod Touch, you would definitely want the device to work like the coolest gadget on the planet. And, this is only possible when you Jailbreak it through a reliable and safe software. Once you do it, you will be able to personalize your device by installing only those applications which you like.
  2. Multiple Carriers: Yes, Jailbreaking also unbolts the option for using software to unlock your carrier-locked iPhone. So, it will provide you the option to choose the network carrier of your choice.
  3. Access to millions of Apps: There are a lot of applications in the web world that are denied by Apple. So, Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod Touch will let you to have access to such applications.

Some benefits for Jailbreaking

There are several benefits of jailbreaking your devices, well better yet let’s show a series of videos in which those benefits that maybe many people who have never experienced an iOS jailbreak on your computer either for fear that something bad happen or any other reason.

Many of you who never or have not yet made ​​a jailbreak is lost in many ways like to customize their home screen, add themes, have a different lock screen or notification center more productive and methods in the home screen to make your experience more productive and enjoyable as without jailbreak there are many things you can not enjoy, then do not take out the maximum potential to your iOS device.

Some of the applications to change your iOS device you’re missing and the most popular are: Zephyr, Velox, BiteSMS, Winterboard to post topics, IntelliScreen X, InfiniDock, Barrel, Active Dock, LivePapers, FlagPaint, Auxo, Ayecon, Zeppelin and SubtleLock among others. Watch the videos below and you’ll understand why having jailbreak opens up many possibilities. Now you should have a clear understanding what is jailbreaking benefits and reasons to help you  make your decision.

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