The iPhone 8,  iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X can charge wirelessly, but that is currently very slow. Apple allows a maximum of 5 watts of wireless charging capacity. This ensures that your iPhone is not fully charged after two hours at a charging station. The new iPhones support only 5W of charging, which is not slow at all, equaling roughly the charging speed over the standard cable and charger that Apple delivers to the iPhon in the package, but today’s time also offers faster charging. Apple sells charging stations from Belkin and Mophie. They have guaranteed a charge capacity of 7.5 watts, but whether other brands support this is not certain and we have not tested. iOS 11.2 is currently available as a public beta and the final release is expected within a few weeks.

Fortunately, this restriction is not hardware-related, it is in the software. In iOS 11.2, Apple is going to support wireless charging with 7.5 watts. We did a test with the public beta and saw a considerable improvement.

With iOS 11.2 and a charging capacity of 7.5 watts, there is clear improvement. The iPhone is not only charged after half an hour, the last percent also takes considerably less time. Under iOS 11.1 it took half an hour to go from 95% to 100%, but with iOS 11.2 the iPhone was fully charged after two and a half hours.

wireless-5-W-vs-7.5-W-iOS-11.2MacRumors conducted a test between 7.5W charger and a 5W charger running on iOS 11.2. The findings were on 7.5W charger were 43 percent faster

The more we enjoyed the information from beta beta testers of the upcoming iOS 11.2 update, which is an option to charge iPhones up to 7.5 W wireless. According to people who compared the two speeds directly with iPhones with iOS 11.2 up to 43% faster, it’s really a nice growth. Anyway, there are 10 W or even 15 W wireless chargers on the market, so Apple still has something to do.

Finally one more tip for people who like cables. To charge faster, you can easily get a 10/12W iPad charger that charges iPhones incredibly fast.


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