What to expect from Apple in 2015



Already in early 2015 the mobile phone market will be a new Snapdragon processor 810 is powered by Qualcomm Incorporated. Not only that, it will be a serious competitor to Apple A8, used in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as in the iPad Air 2 (A8X), so also will open new frontiers. What will smartphones in 2015?

4K displays

Smartphones 2015Spetsialisty (yes there – end users) believe that smart phones simply do not need 4K displays (Ultra HD). The thing is that to tell the difference between Full HD and Ultra HD on a small diagonal of the display is difficult.

Snapdragon processor 810 will support 4K displays. Qualcomm employees explain this by the fact that the human eye can distinguish individual pixels on a 10-inch display, up to 573 ppi. In addition, the human eye simply will feel the presence of Ultra HD (due to the properties of the photoreceptors of the retina).

4K display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels will issue a 5-inch display incredible rate – 881 ppi. This is important not so much for the perception of how to display images on Ultra HD-monitors and TVs. So smart phones in 2015 will be able to not only shoot in 4K, but also display and transmit video in Ultra HD.

Imitation optical zoom

Smartphones 2015Spetsialisty company Core Photonics invented a new method for simulating optical zoom for modern smartphones. They suggested using dual camera, one will have a wide-angle lens, and the second – a telescopic lens with three-time zoom. With the power of Snapdragon 810 can be quickly processed and merge the two images. The resulting image will surpass the quality DSLR-camera with a slight scaling.
High-quality audio recording

Smartphones 2015Smartfony have learned to record video in 4K resolution, and that’s the case with the quality of the recorded sound is poor. In 2015, there will be the first smartphone to direct sound recording. For example, we take the interview in humans and therefore only recorded his voice, with a minimum of noise and extraneous sounds.

Smartphone as a home computer system unit

Smartphones 2015Vpolne real! The same Snapdragon 810 supports wireless standard 802.11ad, which is five times the speed of data transmission through the air compared to the standard 802.11ac. This will allow to pass Ultra HD video at 4K displays. Well, after the smartphone is connected to a docking station to which you can connect all the peripherals: mouse, keyboard, printer and so on. Of course, in the next few years full-fledged computer is unlikely to replace, but the resulting combination will be a much better solution than the same Chromecast.

Smartphone as a gaming console

Smartphones 2015V 2015 is expected to more closer integration of games, mobile and peripheral devices. Developers have long been renowned gaming titles released on iOS, and on Android. Insert the smartphone game controller, connect to a TV, and for the next couple of hours we forget about the real world. Developers gaming consoles is clearly not at hand.

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