Only few days left until Apple Keynote event in which new products will be introduced. On June 5, the Cupertino company will present many new software such as iOS 11 and new versions of macOS, watchOS and tvOS. According to the latest rumors, there may be several hardware surprises …

Without any doubts, on June 5 Apple will present iOS 11, macOS 10.13 and the new major update for watchOS and tvOS. There are currently no rumors about the possible novelties of these versions, but significant improvements are expected on Siri (iOS and MacOS) and iOS-enhanced Reality ads.

On the Mac, “Hey Siri”  can be used to call up the virtual assistant directly with the voice command, along with the HomeKit support, which is now completely missing. Always on macOS, we expect important news for iTunes, an application that could be completely revised by Apple, Photos and Safari. We also talk about new MacOS-optimized News and Podcast apps.

On iOS 11, on the other hand, apart from rumors about Siri’s improvements, we know very little. No major changes to the interface are expected, as many people expect ads for a new platform of Increased Reality. The Apple Music application should be fully revised with a new graphical interface, while peer-to-peer payments between users should arrive at Apple Pay. Also waiting for Dark mode for iOS. Many hope in a version of iOS optimized for the iPad Pro, with features closer to a “computer experience”. New watchOS and tvOS, however, are still a mystery but updates should not make any particular “revolutions” to the current versions.

Unlike the last few years, this time in WWDC 2017, Apple might introduce a hardware, talking about Siri speaker. This product, very similar to Amazon’s Echo, would allow the user to have an accessory for audio and video playback (with touch display) and HomeKit accessory management, all of which is exploited by Siri. In addition, this lounge device would allow the user to impart audio commands to perform various operations and get info on a variety of topics, from weather forecasts to news, past commitments or e-mail reading.

The second “unpublished” device could be the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, a tablet that will incorporate hardware innovations (new processor, new GPU), but most of all a front-end design with virtually no frames. This device could retire the 9.7-inch version.

Mac is also expected on the Mac front, with Apple ready to present a small upgrade of the MacBook Pro Touch Bar with a new Intel processors and new configuration options.

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