Apple-invite-September-9-event-20140909-455x400There is more than a couple of days for Jony Ive, Tim Cook and other company executives show us everything we have been working in recent months. Undoubtedly, since the introduction of the iPhone 5, you can feel the hype to the surface. Even the company tries to promote it with a countdown showing the time remaining until the presentation of all products. The Flint Center is ready with a mega-structure for the keynote. What can we expect from the next Apple event September 9th? From Unofficial give you some clues.

iPhone 6 4.7 and 5.5 inches

The undisputed King of Apple. Little by little since its official launch, the iPhone has managed to be at the forefront of best-selling product of the company, with billions of devices now circulating around the world all available models to date. A revolution, a change of generation with many improvements ahead is synonymous with Apple iPhone, like in colloquial language in our daily lives, it’s iPhone smartphone.

black-iphone-6-1In this case Apple prepares us a revolution, a generational leap at the height of that live between the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, or between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola and other manufacturers do nothing to introduce innovations in their handsets as Apple said in one of their internal reports: users want improvements. These improvements would, first, by the inclusion of larger screens on their smartphone. By all Apple rumors and leaks present two different models, one at 4.7 inches equivalent to current iPhone 5s in terms of price range; and another 5.5 inches, with a price premium and features that would rival directly with the king of phablets, the Galaxy Note 4 In short, the new features we could see in the iPhone 6 are to:

  • Display 4.7 and 5.5 inches
  • A8 processor with motion coprocessor
  • 2GB RAM
  • Storage 16/32/64/128 GB
  • NFC chip
  • Battery capacity up to 2915mAh
  • True Tone and Flash camera with image stabilization

A revolution, but there are still many things to know. And in the end, it is unknown how the iPhone will end after September 9: how the new iPhone will be called? Did you follow the trail of the latest smartphone from Apple or classifications to begin with iPad style? iPhone 6, iPhone 6c, iPhone Pro, iPhone Air and many other possibilities are on the table right now.


Apple Smartwatch

If, wearable. And why not iWatch, as he is known on the net? Because it appears that Apple wants to make history in the world of wearables, presenting a product never seen before, with unique features and it would join the rest of the ecosystem of the company perfectly. The new product categories that Tim Cook promised Perfect for users of iOS devices but possibly also count on device characteristics that unite the new OS X Yosemite.

Little or nothing is known in detail of these possible features. All this because of the secrecy in the face of Apple surprise us all next September 9. As said in a previous post, maybe the Cupertino company has foregone a marketing while the iPhone 6, delaying it until 2015 in order to prevent leaks. Thus, any component could come from factories in China and end up in the hands of the media. Something that happened to the Mac Pro, the presentation of the general public does not deal rather than a final prototype and marketing took several months to be fully available.

Among the features that we all want to see in the wearable Apple are, of course, monitoring of daily activities through the new features of iOS 8 Moreover, a genuine sapphire crystal and complete protection from water / dust, making the device an SUV for any situation in our daily life. IOS code 8 could have shown us much of what Apple is preparing but in recent publications OS X Developer Preview of Yosemite are not shown 8 new betas of iOS Something that demonstrate the need for Apple to cover primarily the existence of the wearable.


OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 Golden Master

As if it were a habit, as the very presentation of Apple products every September since server has memory, the Golden Master of iOS and OS X versions 8 Yosemite is likely to be available after the event ends. Versions, which would be virtually the final that would be installed on new devices from the company (and in all previous support), with stability show us the new Apple operating systems.

yosemiteIn addition, we also show us the hidden features that the company would have wanted us to hide until the presentation of the new iPhone and wearables. For example, options for connectivity between devices and others.

Apple won the battle of Flash on iOS, but it seems that time has proven him right in the other: the NFC chip. From all the leaks and rumors, both the next iPhone as Apple may lead wearable including a NFC chip in order to make mobile payments at all times while increasing connectivity between devices. Good news because, popularized the wearable device company, we are talking about a revolution up to the appearance of traditional physical credit cards.

Visa, MasterCard and American Express are already in the crosshairs of Apple. If the company gets Cuperitno channel a system capable of assuming a technology standard, the NFC will finish off in Apple devices. Technology that would add to the same type that Apple has made ​​in their devices like iBeacons, Passbook and of course, Touch ID.

One more thing: Goodbye iPhone 5c due to low demand.

Unofficial and we show our opinion about this product and a year later, the truth is that the “cheapest” device Apple has not been as successful as expected from the Cupertino company. This makes us think, will there be continuity? 6c will we have an iPhone? If so, we would be talking about an iPhone 5s with similar to the current iPhone 5c housing, polycarbonate pied although much depends on if the price falls short. Otherwise, not to continue, is there mention from Tim Cook or banish to oblivion?

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