What to expect On March 21 Apple’s Event



Apple’s spring event will be held in  less than a week at 1:00 GMT,  next Tuesday, the event venue for the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, Apple will present latest products the company has been working on, including the new iPhone and iPad

At this point in time, Apple is preparing a small upgrade, which will also be the first time Apple has a different time in the year released new iPhone, this event will be about the 4-inch iPhone SE (or iPhone 5 SE) and 9.7-inch iPad Pro, but in addition, there will be other surprises.


4-inch Apple iPhone 5 SE

Apple introduced in 2014, 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch ​​iPhone 6 ​​Plus, caused great repercussions in the industry, a move that also help Apple in the field of large-screen phone to regain some advantages.

But Apple’s iPhone sales are still in decline among many users still use a few years ago iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s without upgrading, in the United States alone, more than half of the iPhone two years ago is still the old model. Apple choose this time to re-launch 4-inch iPhone 5 SE (or iPhone SE), is wanted by the small screen, allowing users to Low excited again, especially in emerging markets like India. Apple should have iPhone 5s iPhone 5 SE appearance, “visceral” but with iPhone 6 ​​or iPhone 6s same machine should support Apple Pay service, but missed the 3D Touch.

iPhone 5 SE thing of course, is the most anticipated price of the machine, some analysts speculated the aircraft price should be around $ 350, or about 2300 yuan, but some analysts said the price will the same price iPhone SE now iPhone 5S, or $450, but even this price is enough to cause consumers to upgrade.


9.7-inch iPad Pro

Apple released last Fall the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and 7.9-inch iPad Mini 4, and in the upcoming new event on March 21, Apple will launch the iPad Air 2’s successor, before the news that the product the introduction of 9.7 inches small screen version iPad Pro, but the tablet may be called iPad Air 3, but will draw on some of the features on the iPad Pro. In other words, the new iPad Air 3 will support Apple Pencil stylus will support smart connector, you can connect an external keyboard, etc. In addition, the new iPad Air 3 similar iPad Pro will be equipped with the same four-speaker, a better stereo effect.

The new iPad Air 3 will be renewed consumer interest in tablet do? To know that iPad sales nearly plummeted in the past two years, the birth of the iPad Pro is also not save the downturn, last year in the fourth quarter iPad sales fell 25%, only 16.1 million units sold, has eight consecutive quarters of decline, the new iPad Air 3 performance will be, let us wait and see.


Apple Watch  Second-gen

Apple’s upcoming new conference slogan is “Let us loop you in”, for this slogan represents what, IT House earlier also decoded, which may be a hint that the new Apple Watch strap. In the conference we can expect to see new colors and materials Apple Watch strap, with speculation that Apple will like this fashion brand Hermes to launch new strap.

Also Apple should also introduce new watchOS, the new system will allow an iPhone paired with a variety of Apple Watch, but also enhance the performance of Apple Maps on the Apple Watch.


iOS9.3 Firmware

Currently iOS9.3 beta has already been released in Beta 7, which is rare, I believe the next one is the official version, but not unexpected, this time the official version unveiled at next week’s Apple’s new spring event. iOS9.3 mainly brought Night Shift night mode, support for simultaneous connection of multiple Apple Watch, the new memo encryption features.


A New MacBook

Currently Apple should have prepared a new Mac product, because many Mac products and indeed the update. But now rumors about new MacBook is not much, not sure whether Apple will release the new Mac in the upcoming new spring event, or will choose another event to do so.

The current Apple MacBook Pro and 12-inch MacBook refresh cycle has come, after all, Intel’s latest processor Skylake has released a long time, if that is the case, run Skylake the MacBook, the processor will have 20% of the performance increase, but will also enhance battery life by about 30%.

Apple often at the press conference to bring some surprises, so have the famous “One more thing”, but in recent years, Apple’s secrecy is not to force, resulting in a lot of surprises to be exposed in advance.

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