With the Apple WWDC 2012  simply across the nook subsequent Monday eleven, all they ask, What’s new that Apple offered within the keynote?. Smartly, the whole thing is unsure unless it’s unveiled with the aid of Apple however in keeping with rumors and frequently predict what they be aware of concerning the subject and the corporate, listed below are a short prognosis of what I remember the fact that the corporate will current in his keynote on Monday June eleven, 2012 at 10 am PST.

iOS 6


iOS 6 is the announcement of the conference as this is where developers will see it again. Apple obviously always takes the opportunity to submit sales numbers, quantities of equipment and new features. We hope that iOS 6 is one of the biggest changes since the beginning of the platform. With IOS 6'm sure we will see many significant changes, but these are the most that I'm interested;

  • Siri on the iPad
  • Best Commands for Siri and Spanish support
  • New Mail application
  • A Phone App specifically redesigned with more features contact management
  • Airdrop Support
  • Quick Reply to text messages
  • Integration of more Widgets to the Notification Center
  • Notification Center at Lockscreen Optional
  • More features of icloud (Remindes, Notes, etc.)
  • New iTunes
  • App Store redesigned

Would be more things coming, but Apple does not usually pull quantity if not quality. These people have patience = a spectacular that is not desperate to launch new features.

Retinal Display + MacBook Pro


If you ask me, do not know which I'm more anxious to know if the new Macbook Pro or the IOS 6. For me the tool is an extremely important part, I am of those who want to have the latest in the market but what works best. My MacBook Pro is one of 2011 that spectacular moves but I can not deny that sometimes gets tired a little, this is due to solid disc that does not exist and I WILL NOT BUY. I want a new Macbook Pro with solid disc, USB 3.0 and Retinal Display.

Mac Pro


The Mac Pro has been the product of the Apple computer line that has not been updated in more time. Today the sun 682 days have passed since the last was updated for years, says that Apple discontinued, whenever Rumor also has a new one. This time the rumor is that it comes the new. So if true, this product will cease to be a red light on the  MacRumors buyer's guide . The Mac Pro is used rather by the filmmakers, or solutions of high consumption, these machines are distinguished by the power they have in itself.


Apple TV SDK


The Apple TV is a product that sells well for its low price but let's be honest, it gets boring once you've seen all Netflix and do not want to spend money to buy or rent movies from iTunes. In this what is missing is some good applications and allow developers to begin creating clear solutions. The successful integration of airplay and certainly Siri.

What will you see?

A new SDK for developers to create different applications, or who knows what else comes with Apple. This is the beginning of the preparation for the Apple TV would come in a few years later if it becomes a reality.

iMac + Retinal Display


The iMac also has to be one of the current models because it takes roughly the same time as the MacBook Pro without a redesign.Maybe Apple does not change the design as such but must come from within your retina display and a more powerful Quad Core processor from Intel's new Ivy Bridge. Will we see Apple also introducing several accessories for the iMac and Macbook Pro.

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