What You Need To Know About Phone Unlocking In U.S.



The process unlocking your iPhone became a little easier today in the United States. Today marks The deadline for wireless operators to adopt rules release agreement late 2013 set by the CTIA .

The agreement is the entire industry , and mandates operators stick to some rules including post clear policies unlock online , and offering a unlock phone postpaid once expired The contract customer .

Here are the some rules as indicated by The Wireless Association

-. Disclosure Each carrier publish on its website its clear , and politics of easy access , concise on postpaid and prepaid mobile release the wireless device.

Postpaid policy release . Operators , upon request, will unlock Wireless Devices mobile or provide information needed to unlock their devices their clients old customers reputable and owners singles devices eligible after compliance service contract postpaid Applicable , financing plan the device or pay A early Termination Fee applicable.

Prepay policy release . Operators , upon request, will unlock devices mobile wireless prepaid latest one year after the initial activation , under time requirements , payment o use reasonable .

Warning Operators blocking devices notify clear clients of your devices are eligible for unlocking the moment his devices are eligible for unlocking or unlock devices remotely when devices are eligible for unlocking , not charge automatically . carriers reserve the right to charge non clients / not ex – customer a reasonable fee for unlocking applications . Notice for prepaid customers can be produced at the point of sale at the time of eligibility, or through A clear statement and concise policy on the website company .

time . Within two days labor after receiving request , companies will unlock wireless Devices mobile eligible or start A request to OEM to unlock the device eligible, or provide An explanation of why device ineligible for unlocking , or why the carrier need reasonable Important time to process the application.

Deployed Personal policy Unlocking . Some unlock Wireless Devices Mobile for military personnel deployed who are clients reputable on input documents implementation.

If you wish to unlock your iPhone, you need to have completed your contract term with the carrier and  these are the process to follow:

  • For AT&T users: Click on this link for details and everything else you need to know is available here
  • For Sprint users:Call this number 1-888-211-4727 to proceed. more info can be found here
  • For Verizon users: When you call this number 1-800-711-830, request for the SIM unlock. More details  found here
  • For T-Mobile users: call this number 1-877-746-0909 to get started. click here to know more about unlocking your phone


Most big companies already have many of these policies in place, but the deadline for today force them in a standard . It is not known what the punishment for default is , but does not seem that will be a problem.

The practice of release essentially became illegal in 2013 , when exemption from the DMCA enabled expired. The problem and has been adopted by The Commission Communications, and several people Washington DC

In August last year , President Obama signed a law restoring the exemption from the DMCA , so it is legal for homeowners cell phone to unlock their devices , particularly without the intervention of the carriers at least next three years.

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