Tim Cook unveiled” Apple Watch “the famous watch . So it’s a watch and not a simple bracelet. Apple boss took a few moments to highlight the extreme precision with which it will now. It will be a watch but with many faces, sold in two sizes and with an interface that is somewhat reminiscent of webOS but brand new from Apple.

It will be sold beginning in 2015 starting at $349, there is  no more details and will be compatible with the iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5s, 5c and 5 Absolutely nothing has been said about its autonomy. We bet that Apple is still trying to optimize this and prefers to wait until the last moment to give a figure. Apple did the same with the first iPhone, announced six months before marketing and specs without too much detail. It will also resist water but it is unclear to what extent

There was virtually no word on internal technical features of this watch, but compatibility with Apple Pay for payments suggests to incorporate the device with NFC.


The interface has been great care to make navigation easy. Apple did not try to reuse that of the iPhone to reduce the size of the small screen. Cook, for example, cited the case of pinch to zoom, which makes no sense with such a surface.

The right side of the watch has a selection button and especially a toothed crown to use interface. It is turned to manipulate items on the screen. One example will zoom into the cloud icons – screen kind of home – the screen then tap to open an app .

It will also turn rolls dates and times in a calendar always with this ring or it will zoom into a photo gallery. The screen is still touch, able to handle pressure (Bloomberg rumor had spoken last year but for the iPhone 6 …). The watch will be the difference between a tap and hold the surface pressure.


Kevin Lynch, former CTO of Adobe, Apple had to work on this highly secret project provided a demonstration of this new interface from Apple.

One of the many examples given was that of a control music from his watch as it is to start a song on your iPhone or iTunes on your PC.

When receiving a message, the show will recognize the nature of the issue and propose all ready to send a tap answers. Or she will let you reply with an audio message. No virtual keyboard. Siri however is present that can be queried from his watch as long as you have their phone nearby. More fun, be answered in contact with emoji which we will model the expression with the finger in his face. To communicate with someone we can use message or a phone call but Apple has added a system where one chooses to draw small drawings on the screen.

Apple-Watch-4Lynch also talked about plan that works in collaboration with his phone. When asked on the phone a navigational aid , there are different vibration levels to indicate whether to turn left or right, avoiding the user to constantly look at the screen. As on the iPhone, you can exercise levels of zoom in the map.

Developers can create applications for the Watch with WatchKit. It may be simple notifications or more sophisticated things like opening the door of his hotel; locate his car (and in the example with a BMW model, skill level, charging its battery) or control the thermostat from home.

Watch Apple is obviously office tracker activity, but Apple intends to go beyond the Quantified Self and the public sports. His “show” and has two tracking applications with different objectives: Fitness follows the level of activity during the day, while Workout is dedicated to sports .

The Fitness application is built around three circles, which are like three gauges measuring the overall level of activity (Move), the most intensive level of exercise, and time spent outside the screw post on a chair (Stand). Using these three circles, which are reminiscent of the application Misfit , Apple Watch calls including moving at least thirty minutes a day, in the manner of the application Human.

In this aspect of “lifestyle” answers more frankly sporting aspect: Workout app can record the specific objectives of certain types of activities such as cycling or jogging. Monitoring is less synthetic than in the Fitness application: it is this time to check his stats in real time, distance and average speed, or the number of calories burned .

The recharge is by induction with a MagSafe plug which arise under the watch. Always under the watch there are sensor, such as a LED which measure the heart rate. Regarding the GPS information, they will be transmitted by the phone.

Apple Watch is available in two sizes (small and large) and three finishes:

  • finish base with synthetic sapphire and a steel
  • Sport finish, with reinforced glass and aluminum case
  • Edit and finish, gold plated 18K.

The three finishes can be associated with different types of bracelets: rubber, leather, metal, Milanese mesh … all the classics are there, but they have been revisited by Jony Ive. Thus, no bracelets Apple Watch has no barb: the leather model, for example, incorporates magnets supposed to be powerful enough to ensure proper closure. On models with folding clasp, Apple has gone so far to ensure that the loop takes place in the bracelet when closed, a very complex mechanism that was previously reserved for Swiss houses of excellence


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