What’s in Apple Japan Lucky Bag 2015



During the New Year in Japan, many vendors offer a ‘Fukubukuro’, also known as a ‘mystery bag’ or ‘Lucky Bag’, which is a grab bag full of a variety of products sold at a steep discount. Apple Japan has returned to announce that it will participate in the promotion, which begins on January 2 at Apple Stores in Japan.

Last year, the ‘Lucky Bags’ Apple sold for ¥36,000, a little over $300, And usually containing items like iPods, headphones and shirts. Buyers of Stock ‘Lucky Bag’ do not know what’s inside the bag, and can not get a refund unless the product is defective. Some lucky customers have received expensive items like iPads and MacBook Airs in their ‘Lucky Bag’, which is why, for what have become so popular popular in Japan.

lucky bag 2015

For example, some Lucky Bags were inside a MacBook Air 11-inch 128 GB hard drive. Only the price of the laptop now exceeds $ 320 bag of luck but also the MacBook Air was accompanied by a backpack Incase Icon Slim, Apple TV, headphones Powerbeats2 an Air Jacket case, an adapter Twelve South PlugBug and a limited edition of the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation. Of course, the customer has received this bag luck can be very happy.

They have also given other Lucky Air Bags with iPad 2 16 GB or iPad Mini 3 with Bluetooth speaker Ultimate Ears Boom. All accompanied by an Apple TV, backpack Incase, the Mophie Powerstation and Powerbeats2 headphones.


The Lucky Bag has delivered more perhaps did not have a content as high as in the previous cases value but neither was anything wrong. In these bags have been found with an iPod Touch 16GB a gift iTunes and other common accessories bags previous card: Apple TV, the Incase backpack, Mophie Powerstation and Powerbeats2 headphones.

Although the day of the Lucky Bag only be held in Japan, it is clear that if the tradition extended, many customers agolparían to the door of the Apple Store to get one of these bags

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