Apple introduced what is said to be the biggest upgrade in the iPhone operating system with ten major improvements in applications and iOS services . The first major improvement: the lock screen is activated when you lift the iPhone to the eye level, thus prevents a fast-the unlocking happens with the iPhone user 6S- avoid missing notifications. Notification Center is more comprehensive and provides more details through the Force Touch feature, a strong touch on the screen. From watching the status of a car Uber to see sports scores direct.

The control center, adjustments appear to slide up, has been redesigned and has a dedicated multimedia controls what you’re listening or watching area.

The second is Siri, which is now open to developers. Since WhatsApp to send a message through your voice to order a car to Uber on your current location. You can also stop your workout through RunKeerper are just a few examples of those shown by Apple.

Through learning by the iPhone or iPad chip and artificial intelligence algorithms included in iOS 10 Siri can suggest things to its users in real time. It is also able to understand what you want to write in different languages, so you will not have to change the language on the keyboard anymore. It is the third great improvement, artificial intelligence that extends into every new detail of the operating system.

Photos -the fourth great improvement, as the presented Apple- is now a selected album and interactive thanks to artificial intelligence. They are arranged on a map to see all your memories on every trip organized by date or as a souvenir, as does actively Facebook. Also they added scene recognition algorithms and faces, as Google Photos ago, though, as Apple boasts, without sending data to a server.

A service has also been given a facelift and an adjustment nut under the hood. Maps improvement stores data and displays them in real time. Traffic information finally integrated into our routes and is now more detailed. The Apple Maps service has also been opened to developers to make use of the service internally or complement it.

Apple Music, which already has 15 million subscribers, shows a complete redesign. Apple has sought to make it easier to search and sample selected lists or categories. It has also spread to the entire music into the iPhone or iPad and residing in the service. Now it’s less confusing for the user.


Apple News App, I have not yet come to Spain, it has been reorganized through issues and a better selection of news articles last hours and slow digestion.

In the phone application, curiously the least use them, it is also open to developers. Thus, their databases can provide identity information to incoming calls. Useful to detect spam automatic.

iMessage is now used artificial intelligence to transform the user if desired words emoji, which are now three times larger. from Stickers, and Telegram, Square mobile payments Cash: the ability to share what you’re listening-in Apple Music, of course, and the platform is open to developers is also added.

the presentation of this iOS 10, more open and intelligent, with improvements in Notes, which will now be collaborative, and digital stabilization and editing in Live Photos was settled.

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