What’s New In iOS 11 Beta 2


ios 11 beta 2 changes


The update contains a lot of new bugs, which only indicates that the beta is still not stable and should not be installed by inexperienced users. There is also a warning that if you want to install the beta version for the developer, use a secondary device for it, because it may become unstable because it may stop you going when it is the least appropriate.

In addition to bug fixes, the second beta release of iOS 11 brings some features improvements like:

– In this beta version, you can enable Do Not Disturb while driving. This will limit the notification while driving. Incoming calls will only be enabled when the iPhone is connected to a Bluetooth car or hands free.

– Adds support for dictation in Hindi.

– You can disable Control Center in apps, so if you have an application running, you will not see the Control Center menu when you move your finger up.

– If you go to Settings and choose Safari, then under Advanced is the option to enable experimental features such as Constant Properties, CSS Spring Animations, WebGPU, Web Animation, and more.

– There is a new option in the Files app for storing photos, documents, and other files. For example, if you click on a photo and use the Save to File feature, you will see a menu where you select the specific location where the file is to be saved, replacing Add to iCloud Drive.

– After downloading the top of the screen, the Lock Screen / Notification Center is called up and once you pull it up again, you get back to the app home screen.

Currently, iOS 11 is only available to developers. Apple, however, said the beta will also be available to public beta testers at the end of June, which is next week.

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