Two weeks after the second developer beta, the iOS 11 beta 3 and MacOS High Sierra was announced, and we present what’s new the third beta brings by analyzing in detail all the new features of this new beta of iOS 11, in which the Cupertino appear to have improved in speed and have corrected a bug.

As stated earlier, in this beta, some other existing bug in previous versions  have been corrected and the speed seems to have returned to normal levels. In addition, a number of improvements are introduced that should be highlighted, so let’s take a look:

  • Files has seen its synchronization capacity increased, and now includes as additional locations OS X Server and Dropbox. For me, the fact that it includes this last cloud is a plus point, since it is with which I work and where I keep most of my files and photographs.
  • One of the new features of iOS 11 is the new feature that allows us to synchronize iMessage messages with iCloud to keep them always saved in the cloud. Well, if you decide to do this with this new beta, you will also know how many messages you have left to synchronize, which is not a very big advance, but it can help us to know how long it will take our iPhone to complete the process.
  • The screen recording option of the control center now has new functions: if we do 3D Touch on it, there will also be a new option that will allow us to broadcast live. Although for the moment the only thing that makes this new feature is to save the video on the reel, who knows if in the future could integrate with third party applications and give us new possibilities.
  • The notification center has been simplified. Given that the new way of displaying the notifications that the previous bets of iOS 11 had on us was not very good among users, we opted to simplify and return to the usual format, in which we have all the notifications available with A simple swype down.
  • When we are listening to music from Apple’s native application, if we press on the title of the song in the control center, it will automatically open the application, which did not happen in previous betas.
  • New TV providers such as Comcast, Cox, AT&T U-verse, Verizon Fios, Time Warner Cable and a few more have joined, though in Europe we will still have to wait to enjoy our favorite channels on iPhone or iPad.
  • Now, when we want to close an application on the iPad, we can do swype like so far and will not need to make use of the X that appeared in the multitasking with iOS 11.

These have been the main novelties that includes this new beta of iOS 11, although with the passing of the days is more than likely that we are realizing some more feature.

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