As the user reviews of the new version of Apple mobile operating system,  iOS 8 brought a lot of problems to iPhone and iPad owners. Now all users’ needs for the next update, which, according to some, will decide the most critical problems.

Analysis of web traffic from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino shows that the company is already testing iOS 8.0.1. Moreover, the update has already been sent to the partners of the company’s mobile network operators for testing. It is expected that iOS 8.0.1 fixes the following issues:

– Phone: Addresses bugs with call forwarding and freezing when accessing visual voicemail 
– Keyboard: Fixes an issue with keypad not appearing to enter iCloud Keychain verification codes 
– Safari: Fixes a problem with videos occasionally not playing 
– Sharing: Fixes AirDrop support for Passbook passes 
– VPN: Addresses an issue with installing VPN profiles 

Probably, this list may be incomplete and Apple still try to fix the most critical issues with iOS 8, including a drop in performance Wi-Fi. Hardly expect to improve the battery life of up to iOS 8.1. Given that the update is already in the hands of partners Apple, the release will take place in the coming weeks.

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