Apple has just released few minutes ago the fifth beta of iOS 9 for developers and third public beta. iOS 9 beta 5 build 13A4325c, which comes 17 days after the fourth beta version, two days after the regular term. It is likely that the delay was due to wanting to throw both betas to developers and the public at the same time and it is expected that from now so be it, but on a Tuesday instead of Thursday.

In this new beta and no major changes are expected in an advanced stage, but it is likely that small changes appear or interface functions have disappeared again, like virtual trackpad on the iPhone or sound to invoke Siri, though the latter It seems to be left as it is on the iPhone, with a vibration soundlessly.

The update is now available from the central software developers and OTA .. This article, in constant development until they’re pretty sure it has not included any novelty more, we will explain all the changes in this new beta iOS 9. Stay tuned.

What’s new in iOS 9 beta 5

At first, many differences are seen, if not I’m not finding any. I will start by listing the things that remain the same and that should change.

The virtual keyboard Trackpad is still unavailable on the iPhone.
Siri is still no sound on iPhone to invoke. It is the third beta already, so we assume that, except surprise, be so in the final version.
The camera returns to have the controls on a black background. In the previous version I saw everything transparent.

The latest application is still not available in territories outside the United States and is now always in English. Also has another font in our favorite and they load faster, much faster.

The application of Apple Watch has again changed its name. If you make two betas was last Clock and Watch Apple beta, now called simply Watch.

Applications now open much faster.

It fixed an issue where settings are closed to change the tones of the system.
Now you can call and play songs from Search. Search is generally much more useful.

It added a new feature in mobile data settings that allow you to use our data plan when the WiFi signal is weak.
Shift button and delete the keyboard are different.

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