What’s New in the iOS 5 beta 3?


Available now for few  hours , the first developers have already installed iOS 5 beta 3  on their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and we unveil new in this betaFirst of all, if you decide to install the third beta, be sure to download iTunes 10.5 Beta 3  (essential) and save your equipment beforehand. It left for the list of new iOS 5 beta 3.


1.  The free messaging between device IOS IMessage  only works between users iOS 5 beta 2 and beta 3. Those in the first beta are neglected, at least can communicate with people via IMessage also in the first beta.

2.  FaceTime icon is not present in some settings.

3.  Correction for a Twitter API that left the blue arrow if the location-based micro-blogging service had not had time to locate, via Safari.

4.  In Beta 2, you could see a video player on Safari somewhat different. In Beta 3, we go back to basics with a tap on the screen to display the commands and the "OK" to exit.

5.  Emergence of a new CSS "-webkit-overflow-scrolling" for developers.

6.  Fixed a bug in iTunes that shows data expressed in GB in the "Other" as they did not exist.

7.  When you double-click the HOME button (on the Lockscreen) to display the shortcut for the camera, the word "unlock" is now centered.

8.  more fluid system, opening of some native applications faster.

9 . In the settings of the wireless synchronization with iTunes, a change of design is to go.


10. At first startup, you will have to allow (or not) to activate the Apple "Location Services".Noted that Apple uses GPS data, the Wi-Fi hotspot around and antennas near operator to better locate you.


11.  Fixed a bug with AirPlay and the screen saver of the Apple TV.

12.  The application "Reminders" sees himself getting bug fixes.

13.  New options in the "Location Service". You can enable / disable those listed on the image below. It is also reported that a purple arrow will now appear when a service is currently using your location. A gray arrow will in turn its appearance if the service has requested access to your location in the last 24 hours.


14.  The "Update Wireless' now displays the version that is installed on your machine.

15.  New icon for "Reminders".


16.  icloud Backup to much faster than before.

17.  The location parameters can be adjusted for each application you use.

18.  Much has been made ​​on the French translation in this version. Many parameters are now written in the language of Molière.

If other innovations appear on the canvas, we will list the rest of this article.

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