What’s up with the lost iPhone 5


Now we have additionally&#a hundred and sixty;reported that unknown Apple employee lost a new iPhone prototypes in a Bar . It all started that CNET has published a report about facts and thus the first announced. CNET has only actually raised more questions than it answers. Many precise details of the incident have been concealed or not known.


CNET has a brief summary reports that are late July the iPhone prototype was left in the Cava 22. Two days later, Apple SFPD (San Francisco Police Department) respect of the lost device contacted. Exactly how long the police took to the iPhone is to identify currently unknown.Then the Apple security personnel and the SFPD has controls a Bernal Heights property.Allegedly, the resident has admitted that he was that night in the Cava Bar 22, but nothing of a lost iPhone would know. Even after a money supply of the Apple employees, the man still has testified that he knows nothing about it.

After that, it is unclear what happened to the prototypes. CNET speculated that perhaps the device was sold through a classified ad in Craigslist for $ 200, but also ensure there is no confirmation.

Firstly, Apple has filled no police report, although Apple has with the San Francisco police worked together to track down the missing iPhone. It was by far the police answered no questions, although several inquiries were initiated by various journalists. Apple has apparently explicitly ensured that the incident is mentioned in any police records.

On the other side also has the Craigslist responded to any questions and only communicates shared, was when an ad is removed from the site that it's gone forever and irrevocably.Furthermore, the website has not commented on whether they were contacted by Apple or the SFPD because of the lost prototype.

Naturally, Apple has so far taken no position on the incident. The Cupertino company at the moment trying to make every effort the misfortune of the world to create and stir up as little dust as possible. Therefore, we know from the CNET report, not much more than just gross key figures in history.

In a CNET interview has now also the owner of the Tequila Bar, Jose Valle, to speak. He said in the interview that he had never been officially questioned by the police or directly from Apple in case of a lost prototype. However, should a man have called several times before a good month and have asked for his lost iPhone. The résumé of the bar owner: "Apparently I should mix less alcohol in my drinks."

There remain many unanswered questions, the answer unfortunately we currently can not or will not:

  • Apple would also help the SFPD in determining if there is no display?
  • Why is the source of CNET would dare to call only those data and key data?
  • If the iPhone has already been lost in July, why only now is it reported? What has happened since?
  • Where is the mysterious iPhone prototype? It was really sold on Craigslist and just for 200 $?
  • Or did Apple get the device back long ago and therefore there are no other facts about the incident?

The whole story is very exciting 


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