For some time, it is known that users of the popular WhatsApp Messenger will soon get the chance to talk to each other about the app. This feature is apparently in the wings and will be gradually rolled out – we show you how to unlock it now with root privileges.

Just recently got WhatsApp with the opportunity to market news from the browser, a major update. However, the next is apparently imminent: First user reports the fact that they can make calls via WhatsApp with friends recently. Everyone else can this function with a trick – and root access – now unlock.

Activate WhatsApp calls – how it works

We explain the necessary steps to activate the WhatsApp calling feature in the video.
Prerequisite for the activation WhatsApp version 2.11.508 (latest beta version) or later, a terminal emulator app and root access. If these conditions are created, proceed as follows:

-Open terminal emulator on your smartphone
-Enter the following commands one by one and each press Return:

  • su
  • at the start -n com.whatsapp / com.whatsapp.HomeActivity

Now WhatsApp should open and display a tab with phone calls. Two hook However, the thing: First, the telephony function can be fully activated by invitation only. For this one must be a phone call from someone at which the function has been enabled by What apps – so far these are unfortunately not many users. In addition, the app must be started each time using the commands shown above in the terminal emulator to access the call feature.

Right practicable, this solution is not so. But since the rollout has already begun users must wait only days probably anyway until the calling feature is available everywhere.

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