WhatsApp Finally Arrives In CarPlay Before Apple Watch



It happened! WhatsApp, the most used messaging application in the world, is present on many platforms, one of the last ones that receive it with open arms is CarPlay, the system of iOS mirroring for cars.

From now on you will be able to enjoy WhatsApp with  CarPlay user interface in your car, being able to receive notifications on your screen, taking advantage to dictate the answers among other things.

In short, we will see the notifications in a similar way to the iOS, will appear in a dropdown above. If we click on it we will listen to what we have been sent, thanks to the iOS reader, just as we will be able to respond to the notification quickly and easily. In addition, the WhatsApp icon in CarPlay will show a small counter of unread messages, something like in iOS, the reality is that it is visually attractive and seems well designed, the problem is the operation and the real utility of an application. messaging in the car, something that very clearly will distract us from the road, especially when many users receive dozens of notifications in an hour.

While WhatsApp for the Apple Watch still does not appear, something to consider is that its capabilities should not be much more complex than WhatsApp for CarPlay, another Facebook move that baffles us a lot with the development of the most popular messaging application of the moment. So, if you enjoy CarPlay, it’s time to update WhatsApp.

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