WhatsApp Messenger Removed from the App Store


WhatsApp Messenger&#one hundred sixty;, the appliance that permits you to obtain immediate messages to your mates, colleagues and members of the family, but additionally sounds and pictures (free MMS) has beenfaraway from the App Retailer&#a hundred and sixty;.&#a hundred and sixty;Blame it on a huge safety downside that the writer has posted on his Twitter account.

WhatsApp is&#one hundred sixty;using Twitter just announced that the app is not available. They have submitted a new version, which is awaiting approval by Apple.


The iPhone App  is currently not available for download from the App Store. The reason is unknown. The app, which for weeks at the top of the rankings of best selling apps stood, the first place are now ceded to Where's My Water . WhatsApp recently had negative publicity because it was easy for the status of other users
  just change. 
It was remarkable that this news is spread almost exclusively in the Netherlands and not in others. Removing the iPhone app solves the problem, however: the vulnerability can be found in the WhatsApp protocol and abuse was done via an external website (WhatsAppStatus.net), which was unrelated to the app.

Moreover, existing WhatsApp users still affected by the bug. To abuse had a malicious telephone number only to know the victim. WhatsApp when the IP number of the site blocked the hackers came back with the Windows tool WhatsApp Status Changer. WhatsApp for BlackBerry has just received an update , but that will have little to do with the disappearance of the iPhone app.

With this flaw, it is possible to change the status of a user without having to identify themselves. Nevertheless, the time that this security hole is filled (a new version already been sent to Apple by the publisher), Apple wanted to be cautious and therefore withdrew its application shop online.

Once the new version available on the App Store, we can only advise you to make the leap of SMS (or IMessage) at WhatsApp, not least that in order to easily send sounds to a friend or colleague but also to enjoy the great usability of the application.


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