WhatsApp started to rolling voice calling feature



WhatsApp seems to have started a phased in which the rollout of the long-awaited voice calling feature is taking place. A user showed the feature that makes it possible to call WhatsApp contacts via VoIP. The roll-out seems to work with a kind of system call.

There is nothing officially announced about the launch, but a user on Reddit posted information about the calling function. On the pictures you can see that the top of a bell appeared that lets the user to call WhatsApp contacts via VoIP.

According Reddit user pradnesh07 it is necessary to download the latest .apk installation of WhatsApp website. Although these are meant for Android .apk Chime would be rolled out to other mobile operating systems. Detailed information lacking. Incidentally, we did not succeed in getting the push out after installing the latest .apk. Also have several other users have been able to see no call button, while others appear just that.
In most people with the button it has appeared, it also refers to the default dialer built into Android to turn actually the VoIP function a user entry would first ‘invited’ to be by someone who Chime all does work. Invite someone can this person calls using WhatsApp. All in all it seems to be a cautious rollout, with sparsely people are given access to VoIP calling.

There have long been rumors that go WhatsApp works with a call feature on the mobile Internet. Early last year there were even screenshots of outward. Still, it’s been some time in silent WhatsApp around VoIP calling. Because WhatsApp itself has no information to put out there is still much uncertainty about the exact rollout plans.

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