WhatsApp-screenSeems that for some time to this part of the development team is getting WhatsApp batteries. In recent weeks we have discussed the upcoming developments include future updates as video calls and the ability to share any type of document. It seems that every time is closer integration of both services. Facebook has to start making use of the information obtained from all users of WhatsApp now has again become free as initially

Currently we can export our chats through the application to share or to save later. But according to the German blog has discovered Macerkopf WhatsApp would be testing a new feature that will allow us to export our chats in a compressed zip file, which also allow us to share all the pictures and images that have sent / received in this chat. So far the only option available allows us to share the associated text, no additional media file. This new option should come with WhatsApp version

This new version also added a new display screen in which a globe made up of various objects such as phones, chats, cameras, microphones, maps … A summary of all the applications we have available in our smartphones is displayed. In addition, once it was announced that WhatsApp has become completely free, it has had to delete information relating to the state of our own and the duration of the license that we had contracted to use the application.

On the other hand we find that the social network Facebook wants to do even more Inegra WhatsApp in its services and will soon add a new button to the mobile applications that allow all users to share any interesting publication via WhatsApp. This new feature has been testing for several months in the version of Facebook for Android.(Source: Macerkopf [Google Translate])

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