WhatsAppStatus tool Changes the status of WhatsApp users


The website WhatsAppStatus.web motives the web standing of each and every person WhatsApp exchange. The web page makes use of a safety downside in WhatsApp, the place the favored messaging in September already been knowledgeable on. iHelplounge took a tests to found out that some information with out the data of the opposite’s standing can exchange.


Enter your phone number on the website of a friend and a self-created message, he will next time he starts WhatsApp see that his status has changed. The problem is significant, because normally only the user can change the status message. The message appears under the name of a contact in the favorite list, making the site good example can be exploited to spread spam.

It is hoping for a quick fix for the vulnerability of WhatsApp.The mailbox was already mid-September will be notified of the leak, and it also made public in December. An easy way to make use of it, there was not. It was confirmed that the site is hosted in the Netherlands. Or the hacker behind the site is also Dutch remains to be seen, but the possibility does exist: in the text box is also a phone number is used as an example.

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