Surely at a time like this, talking about Whatsapp directly discuss controversial. In fact, the company has just launched a widespread locking devices with installed applications related messaging own and are not official. For example, the famous Whatsapp Plus. So I think they have officially launched yesterday in Italy, and of which we shall speak below has not come at the best possible time. But of course, I do not think they ever expected to happen just that now from the company, because we know that the releases are not made overnight. In any case, we will tell you what WhatSim.

WhatSim is a service that just launched some Italian entrepreneurs and is already available for purchase in the country. The idea is, as you could imagine from the name itself, have a SIM card that communicate using Whatsapp. Actually, the idea is not terribly functional, because in principle the card does not allow Internet use beyond that used in the instant messaging platform. Yes, there will be free but with limited traffic, and in that asset is based on attracting potential customers.

WhatSim: a card for Whatsapp

The WhatSim card is actually a SIM designed to navigate unlimited no cost on the net’s most popular messaging. Yes, if you want to send or receive any type of files beyond texts, then you have to pay. That’s where the company gets the profits and reality, although it might seem counterproductive gave the Whatsapp traffic for texting, you have to think how many people would want to use only that, limiting the ability to send or receive any image, video or sound. Are there few, right? So it seems a good hook.

The prices at which all these extra services will WhatSim provides detailed credits, and those credits can be purchased as if it were refills with a minimum of 1,000 and a maximum of 10,000 credits are charged. The price for the first €5, and the last of €50. Logically, there are intermediate refills that would better manage the issue to satisfy any consumer and any type of user. The price for sending these multimedia content is set to 20 credits for photos, videos 100 credits and voice messages for 5 credits. In addition, this card has an annual fee which already includes the fee to be paid by Whatsapp and is €10.

It is clear that it will not be for many an option because that restrict other traffic that does not fall within the messaging application is quite important, but for many, especially for those who do not carry internet regularly in the mobile, or second lines, will be an interesting way to have more messaging used in the world at a much more affordable than any normal data rate price.

The launch, as we said at the beginning, has not arrived at the best of times, however, it is true that the controversy over the decisions made by Whatsapp could do to talk more about this topic or that more people in searches for a casual finish coming to this site and finding out what is emerging as an initiative.

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