For Installous, an app for the iPhone, is not only legal programs are available, but specifically also heaps of chopped iPhone programs can be paid directly to the app without having to be loaded onto iPhone. And, unfortunately, fewer and fewer people will indeed pay for good apps – I bought everything on the iPhone, even then still Navigon for $ 100!

Well, definitely not for the guys at the moment the server is large enough, 3 million visitors a day are just too much. So the guys who can answer questions varying only the one who really is in the scene at home.

And those who know to give out the answer, of course not, the usual forums, a
nd even run Yahoo at the moment with questions about the response.
 For without the answer is no pirated copies.

“When Appulous was tiny, it ran on a VPS provided by _________________.com.” Is the question.“Troll Bridge” have the guys mentioned that hurdle, and that is what it is: a hurdle. 

And there are now already a new question: “This domain name got popular when the site admin started bundling IPA files into torrents and advertised his website in them.” Again, this is another fine hurdle, the game goes on ..



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