Which products Apple will release in 2013?


If the point out  useful resource  from DigiTimes seems skeptical, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities made some predictions concerning new Apple merchandise.  I believe we will have to take it roughly severe. Ming-Chi Kuo has time table of Apple devices in 2013, offering it with some feedback. Right here it’s a graph in entrance of you:


 In the first half we are waiting only updated Apple TV, and MacBook Air. It is also important that the analyst believes that Apple will introduce a full set this year. The fun starts in the summer, when the company will release an updated iPhone – 5S, a little later, the notorious iPhone Mini, which will be executed in a plastic case with six color options, and at a lower price than the 5S. The flagship will not undergo significant changes, having a more powerful processor A7, improved camera and fingerprint scanner.


iPhone: Kuo believes that Apple will introduce iPhone 5s and updated iPhone 5 in June or July 2013. It is expected that iPhone 5s will be visually similar to its predecessor, but will be improved in a number of technological parameters. The new technology is called chip A7, fingerprint sensor, better camera and flash. The analyst also makes the assumption that the revised version of the iPhone 5 and will thus cheaper iPhone, which all say. Kuo expressed improbable assumption: iPhone will be released in a thickened cheap housing and in six different colors.


iPad and iPad mini: Kuo predicts that Apple will update both series tablets in the third quarter. iPad mini, is likely to get Retina display. IPad will become a regular lighter, thinner and more efficient.

MacBook Pro: Not giving up his last year’s predictions (rather, by the way, successful), Kuo suggests that this year, Apple refuses MacBook Pro without the Retina and translate all professional laptops for the technology. The analyst also believes that as a result of falls in the price of MacBook Pro Retina and modified the design of the line, approaching the design of MacBook Air.

MacBook Air: Kuo believes that in 2013, the MacBook Air does not appear Retina displays. Rather, updated MacBook Air will be reduced to the transition to the new platform Intel Haswell.

iMac and Mac mini: The analyst believes that the current model iMac will sell very well and expect candy bars with Retina display is also not worth it. Rather, updated iMac and Mac mini will be purely technological, through increased productivity.

iPod touch: Most likely, Apple will cease production of the fourth-generation iPod touch, which is for sale, along with a fifth. To close the gap, is likely to be released on a simplified version of the player with 8Gb of memory and no front camera for $ 199.

Apple TV: Kuo predicts that this quarter will not be very massive update Apple TV, but did not give any details. The analyst also believes that large-scale entrance into the market Apple TV is likely to be delayed until 2014

In general, the prognosis Ming-Chi Kuo looks quite plausible, especially as it is not related to iPhone. However, it is possible with smartphones analyst also gets to the point. Who knows.[Via: MacRumors]

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