Kale merchandise incessantly price somewhat dear and is typically crucial that they tackle probably the most.

The iPad 2 obviously no exception to the rule and not many of us ask ourselves how much is the cost of manufacturing the tablet. And indeed, the guys from iSuppli began in head to disassemble the new Apple touch pad to determine its cost.


 The result is final, the iPad 2 32 GB 3G proposed $ 729 actually costs only $ 326 to manufacture.

What is noteworthy is that the cost of the iPad 1 32 GB 3G had been estimated at around $ 320. The Cupertino company is managed to keep the same manufacturing cost for a more advanced and that's it-yourself to a great performance. And at the same time, it is not so surprising as one might think because the market for new technology is changing very quickly, and the price of components.

Unsurprisingly, we learn that what is most expensive in the iPad 2, the tablet screen. The manufacturing cost is thus estimated at $ 127, which represents something like 39% of the amount overall. For comparison, the first screen iPad cost $ 95. We therefore understand why the iPad 2 does not screen Retina Display. Indeed, this is not a technology choice or a way to prepare for the arrival of the iPad 3 but rather a way to minimize costs wherever possible. If the iPad 2 had proposed a screen of this type, provided that the pain might have been a little saltier.

But that's not all because the A5 also costs quite expensive. In fact, again according to the same analysis, it would cost even 75% more expensive than the processor A4 and its cost would be set at $ 14. Well, this is not huge either, eh … same goes for the battery of the iPad 2 which cost $ 25 to $ 21 against the battery of the first touch pad lettuce. Indeed, the latter uses three cells instead of two cells of the old battery and it is also thinner than the latter.

Attention all-in-itself because it is an analysis and advertised fares do not take into account the distribution chain, nor the necessary research to develop this device. Same thing also for the whole layer Advertising . Not worth it, therefore, to scream to the scam, the total cost of the iPad 2 must be significantly greater than that amount. And when we see the margins made ​​by some brands (whatever their area of operation) or even by some unscrupulous traders, one might almost say that the new touch pad … Iceberg is cheap.

In short, for sure, the iPad 2 is not given, but the margin of the bitten apple is not so important as you might think.

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