white iPhone 4 Blings with Diamonds !


It 'already been made from pricey model iPhone4,Present $ 20,000 for a four white iPhone, set with diamonds and unlocked:




Indeed on the iPhone 4 Diamond Edition and the logo is the steel frame were covered  hundreds of diamonds to make the 'iPhone a luxury item, a real diamond is said that few,

In fact very few, it seems that fifty people around the world have a special version of iPhone 4 We recall costs 20,000 Dolaires about

Of course not for everyone but a few 'rich' who wish to spend a similar figure for a cell
phone at this point becomes a gem no longer a mobile phone,

The story does not say if enough diamonds on the ballot for a good insulation of the antenna  This would be a shame to put a bumper! [via Engadget]

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