White iPhone 4 Delayed because of loss of light?


The most recent conception relating to the postponement of gross sales of Apple's iPhone four in full colour white comes from Scott Moritz of The Side road in the back of the delays consistent with which there can be issues with the leakage of sunshine during the edges of the glass each entrance and rear.

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 To confirm the "loss of light" was a relative of the person involved in the production process of the device. According to the source of the report, the opacity of the inner rear white than black is responsible for the leakage of light through the edges of the device and the special glass construction makes it harder to fill small cracks through which, under low light, the light is seen escaping.

It also reported that not only iPhone 4 is plagued by this problem but HTC EVO has already had to deal with minor loss of light through the seams of the cover of the device. Admittedly, over the years, despite having been blown Moritz proved right then, he also received a number of inaccurate information about the most diverse arguments and therefore we encourage our members to take this news just for what it is, a rumor, and not jump to conclusions that encourage you and others to misjudge the work done by Apple. Once we know more we will give you more information on it.

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