Why Apple kept a 3.5 inch screen on the iPhone 4S?


All over the weeks previous the presentation of the iPhone 4S, rumors of a bigger reveal, three.eight-inch see four, led to a stir. However why does Apple nonetheless so hooked up structure three.5 inches whereas excessive-finish smartphones Android show and four inches? As we mentioned with you a couple of days in the past  design is one thing that Apple does no longer return, so the consumer expertise will not be bettering on the comparable time.


Thus, the designer  Dustin Curtis  gives us a very interesting observation:  the size of 3.5 inches just proves ideal for use with one hand  ! With this format, once taken in hand, the entire phone is available with only one inch, which is not the case with S Galaxy II (4.21 inches), as illustrated by the following illustration (green areas represent areas easily accessible by one in


In fact, these are all smartphones that are larger than 4 inches suffering from the problem of manipulation. Thus, the 3.5 inch format is an ideal compromise, even if only because half of humanity consists of women, whose hands are on average smaller than men … Besides congestion is also a problem and we thank our pockets with a smaller unit.

Thus, it is surprising that Samsung falls into the trap of the race to the screen size (as in his time Intel has fallen into the race for the fastest processor), because the same, they dismiss a large part of potential users, even if the argument of "ever" can fly at first … In addition, management by Android various screen sizes is not perfect, it gives the effect of fuzzy …


Many users of Samsung S2 Galaxy confirm that this screen size (4.21 inches) is too high for many people.  However, increasing the size of the screen of the iPhone from 3.5 to 3 , 8 inches would have been an interesting compromise. Apple remains the rule that the game was not worth the effort. Indeed, who said expansion of the screen, said reprogramming of thousands of applications a galley … Apple surely want to avoid programmer iOS worldwide

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