Why Apple refused Yahoo weather service in favor of The Weather Channel?



It has been found in iOS 8 many features and improvements, among them, the appearance of a new service that supplies a native Weather application. The upcoming  iPhone and iPad  firmware uses  The Weather Channel instead of using Yahoo service as an alternative.

According to Kara Swisher, The Weather Channel company was ready to offer Apple more detailed weather information than Yahoo.

“To convince Apple to refuse service Yahoo, Weather Channel company provided her with much additional information – the journalist writes. – Including details of weather conditions depending on the geographic location of the user, the forecast for nine days (instead of five), general statistics and other climatic conditions. “

As the anonymous source in Yahoo, the company decided took a long time to agreed to keep the deal with the Californian giant. Yahoo think that is a great loss to their business. Agreement with Apple has allowed the company to increase online mobile audience to 400 million active users per month. The beta version of iOS 8 is available to developers since the beginning of June and its availability to the public will be this Fall.

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