Phil Schiller confirmed Wednesday on stage at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium what the rumors came predicting for months: Apple “killed” the audio jack of 3.5 mm in its upcoming iPhone models. And do not eliminate it by simple taste or because they have nothing better to do, as sure many think, but for all that that entails. This is an article for the detractors of this change, which will surely be the same as also cried to heaven when the CD’s of the MacBook was deleted.

We will not try to convince anyone that this is the best thing that could have happened to the iPhone and that is a masterful move, simply want to explain why you should not startle or panic because the next iPhone is not going to have the known as 3.5mm jack.

Perhaps this is the clearest reason to justify the change. Smartphones today increasingly need to do more things and components that do those things. Inside is the same graph so that the space is fully exploited, always tried to do more in less. The smaller one piece, more is hollow so it can be used by another. And not only do more things, but they are also thinner and lighter. Removing unnecessary elements can be adjusted better still in its dimensions.

iphone 7

In the picture above you you can see the space that occupies the entire piece of audio jack of 5.5 mm in current iPhones. Perhaps it will seem like no big deal but, as I said, even the smallest space account. In fact, it has almost the same dimensions as the Taptic Engine (responsible for providing the haptic feedback 3D Touch) found in iPhones 6s and 6s Plus.

“Our obsession remains simplify and continuously improve,” said Jony Ive in the video presentation of the iPhone. And one of the maxims of Apple over the years has been to make things simpler, the get the maximum performance with the minimum possible. The remove this connector is to simplify the iPhone, is take something so you can do more without losing the features it had.


In other words, we will be able to continue listening to music and also that extra space inside the iPhone is used to improve the terminal. Not that the iPhone 7 will have two speakers on the bottom, but the left side (where previously stood jack) probably will be dedicated to microphones and noise cancellation. We will leave doubts when iFixit eviscerate the device.

All this without counting that in the future there is no room for cables. Everything tends toward the wireless and this is just one example of the future that awaits us without connectors.

“Courage” (It’s time to move on)

Schiller began talking about the abolition of the jack using this word, perhaps a bit farfetched, but that is not the result of chance. As we indicated in 9to5Mac, it is likely to refer to an interview with Steve Jobs, which put in perspective the reasons for the steps taken by the company.

We’re trying to make great products for people, and we have at least the courage of our convictions to say we don’t think this is part of what makes a great product., and we will remove it. Some will not like, we call all […] but we will accept it and focus our energy on those technologies that we believe will be relevant and that we think will be right for our customers. And you know what? We get paid for taking those decisions […] If we succeed, we will buy it, if not, will not, and everything will go your way.

A reference in addition to which some have discovered in iPhone 7 wallpapers that match the colors of the first iMac that eliminated the option of using floppy disks on it.

Apple has always liked to be the first to take steps to make the change. Do what others do not dare. Dancing at their own pace. This is just another step.

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