Why Apple requires Samsung $2.2 billion in damages claim



Apple and Samsung lawyers made ​​their statements in the patent war corporations in federal court , where they could not even agree on what are at odds . American manufacturer stated that demanded money to stop Samsung from copying their products. But the South Korean firm said that Apple wants to stifle consumer choice , going against the operating system Android, which is operated millions of devices worldwide .

Apple expects $ 2.2 billion in damages from the sale of Samsung phones and tablets that infringe five of its patents on software . This amount does not come from a ceiling, explained members of the American corporation. Samsung copied the technology , which provide ease of use of mobile gadgets , namely, that , according to Apple, is a feature of iOS- devices.

In particular , they talked about patents feature slide-to-unlock, auto-correct words , universal search , synchronize data in the background and contextual links ( drop-down menus for e-mail addresses , phone numbers, and so on ) .

In Cupertino believe that missed benefits , as many buyers prefer to buy products Samsung, which has become more attractive due to the technologies Apple. “The struggle for primary customers is very important because in the future they tend to prefer the same brand ,” – said the representative of the Californian company . In Seoul , meanwhile, do not consider $ 2.2 billion of adequate amount and intend to reduce the compensation of 366 times – up to $6 million

Payment of financial compensation, the case , however, will not be limited , analysts said. “I think the main purpose of Apple – to ban the sale of relatively new products Samsung”, – says Santa Clara University professor Brian Love. According to Apple, its patented technology is used in products such leading Koreans as Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Tab II, Galaxy S II and S III , etc. The Samsung account for a share of revenue in the amount of industry 31.3% , and on Apple – 15,2%. All the smart phone market is estimated at $338.2 billion

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