Why everyone is talking about Pokémon Go?


After its release in some countries few days ago, Pokemon Go has already become a cultural phenomenon that is making users go crazy from all over the world. Indeed, the game is creating many difficulties for the movement and for the security, but the phenomenon does not seem to stop. And in Italy, at least officially, it is not yet available.

For those not yet familiar, the game uses the Nintendo augmented-reality features to blend with real-world objects with the real game. In Pokémon Go, players can explore the real environment to capture Pokemon not yet trained. Some of these Pokémon are found only in their natural environments (so you can find a water Pokémon only if you are close to a river or the sea), while others may be encountered at any location.


While players explore the surrounding world, the phone vibrates when a Pokémon is nearby: to capture, must use the phone’s touchscreen to launch a Poké Ball. This Poké Ball and other special items can be found in special points of interest such as monuments, historic markets and more.

Download Pokémon Go from iTunes free of charge

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