The pulling all the way down to refresh is now one of the crucial easiest recognized features in lots of iOS apps. That whereas it’s nonetheless no longer imaginable to try this in Apple's own apps. Designer Dustin Curtiss thinks he knows why : the pull to refresh patentis owned by Twitter, which got him after they took over Tweetie. Apple probably wants no patent case with Twitter risking.


Methods, computer readable media, and apparatuses for providing enhanced user interface mechanics are presented. In one arrangement, a scrollable list of content items may be displayed. Input associated with a scroll command may be received. Then, based on the scroll command, a scrollable refresh trigger may be displayed. Subsequently, the scrollable list of content items may be refreshed in response to determining, based on the scroll command, that the scrollable refresh trigger has been activated. In at least one instance, it may be determined that the scrollable refresh trigger has been activated in response to determining that the scroll command was completed while the scrollable refresh trigger was fully displayed.

Tweetie was the first iPhone app that made use of pull to refresh. Subsequently, the developer of the app acquired by Twitter and the app renamed Twitter for iPhone. Although a patent on the idea was completed, many developers did this not against the idea still in apps to implement. Meanwhile make apps like Facebook Tweetbot and frequent use of.

Apple would be possible to have chosen because of the patent itself does not pull to refresh use.The company has itself a number of patents for certain interface features in IOS. Apple would of course also choose to license the patent to take on Twitter.

Is your iPhone jailbroken, you can simply use it to pull refresh in a number of Apple apps. To add the tweak Pull to refresh for Mail in the BigBoss repository the possibility to Apple's default mail app.


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