This is usually posts bring controversy so first of all, I will prepare my umbrella and say that for me, the new Galaxy S6 and S6 especially Galaxy Edge, are the most beautiful phones available today. However, it seems that some people have analyzed the design of a less superficial way and how could it be otherwise, as compared with the iPhone 6.

You know you have Apple’s obsession with symmetry, it has been one of its main pillars since its existence. Samsung for its part does not consider this important to develop their designs and the proof we have in the Galaxy S6, terminal on which all elements of the edges are not aligned factor.

Clearly, no one will stop buying the Galaxy S6 for a reason like this but those who know the work behind good design, will appreciate such details.

Remember that symmetry is one of the basic principles in the design, however, if the iPhone is also the reason why today, we have a huge frame at the top and bottom of the screen terminal. Indeed, they are symmetrical and although the top can be significantly reduced, while the bottom has the Home button taking full height, Apple will not change. The symmetry is there, for better or for worse.


Samsung does not have that problem and so, each element is set in order to facilitate and cheapen the final manufacturing process. It’s the only reason I see to vary the arrangement that and not opt ​​for symmetry which boasts the iPhone.

Take this post as a curiosity or even a tone of humor. As I say, nobody is going to stop buying the Galaxy S6 that the button is not aligned with the SIM tray.

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