Why Siri will not work on old iPhones: iPhone 4S circuit Audience


Which you can handiest use Siri on the brand new iPhone 4S.&#a hundred and sixty;One difficulty is many imagine that it should be sure extra sale for brand spanking new iPhones, however there may be in all probability some other motive: the A5 chip within the iPhone 4S.Then would a different circuit of the beginning-up Target market are, that makes the iPhone in a distinct approach can suppress noise.&#a hundred and sixty;That is extra evolved than the noise on the chip within the iPhone four.

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This was discovered when Audience IPO documents submitted in January. The circuit uses Ears Mart technology, allowing the microphone can suppress noise better and produces a clear voice.Last year was discovered a separate chip from Audience noise is suppressed in the iPhone 4.The system would this time directly in the chip are integrated, in order to as cost-, and to save space. The A5 chip itself is therefore much larger. It is not clear whether this circuit is also integrated into the A5 chip of the  iPad 2, or that only recently been a


According to CNET report, it's all about the processor. Stephen Shankland of CNET reports:

“Apple’s A5 processor includes noise-reduction circuitry licensed from a start-up called Audience, and a chip analyst believes that fact resolves an iPhone 4S mystery and explains why the iPhone 4 lacks the Siri voice-control system

Audience revealed details of its Apple partnership in January, when it filed paperwork for an initial public offering (IPO) of stock. Teardown work from iFixit and Chipworks revealed a dedicated Audience chip in the iPhone 4, but the iPhone 4S integrates Audience’s “EarSmart” technology directly into the A5 processor, the company’s S-1 filling said.”

Although the technology already in the iPhone 4 Audience sat, it has since developed further.This now makes it possible to talk your iPhone to talk while he has been removed from your arm.It is therefore possible to efficiently use Siri, without taking your iPhone to your face you have to press.

Although Siri is not available for older iPhones, there are hacks like Spire nonetheless to be had to them for this to get achieved.&#one hundred sixty;It's only a cumbersome course of for this to work, since you desire a proxy server

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